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Get legalized to sell ayurvedic products

Do you want to trade in and manufacture ayurvedic products? Do you want to sell it as a retailer or wholesaler? No matter what the case, you need Ayush License in order to legally trade in these products! Get in touch with Marginwala to day begin the registration steps!

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AYUSH License

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AYUSH License

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AYUSH License

One of the oldest forms of medications in the world is the Ayurveda. This particular field of medicine, which roughly translates to “science of long life”, is the one that has been in India since thousands of years. Its popularity and relevance in India hasn’t sunken even by just a bit.

Furthermore, their popularity has now spread across the entire planet.

Regardless of being touted by many in the scientific communities as effective-yet pseudo-science, these medications have seen its fair share of rise in other countries as well. Therefore, there are countries like Canada, US, Russia and the European Union that are the biggest importers of ayurvedic products from India.

However, you cannot just partake in the manufacturing of ayurvedic medicine without the consent of the government. This consent comes in the form of a license called the Ayush License. In order to get this license, you will need to file an application along with the required documents to the Ministry of Ayush.

Types of AYUSH Licenses

There are 4 types of drug licenses that are given to produce and manufacture Ayurvedic products in India. All of these licenses are availed through the ministry of Ayush and all of them are necessary for you to know about:

  1.  retail License: This is a license that is given to you if you want to sell the ayurvedic products as a retailer
  2. Wholesale License: this license is provided to you if you want to sell the ayurvedic products as a wholesaler.
  3. Manufacturing license: the persons that are issues this license engage with manufacturing Ayurvedic drugs and medicine.
  4. Loan License: Loan License is given to an individual who is using the premise, equipments and the staff of another who has the primary manufacturing license.

 How will we assist?

  1. You first get in touchy with our team
  2. Then, you are we will accumulate the documents that are required for Ayush License.
  3. We will then verify all of the documents
  4. We will then draft the affidavit
  5. We will then submit the affidavit and the application to the Ministry of Ayush
  6. Then, we will pay the fee
  7. We will then follow up with the ministry throughout the licensing process
  8. Once the process if over, we will send you either the hardcopy of the license or an email attachment.

Criteria to get the AYUSH license

The criteria to get the license are as follows:

  1. In order to apply for the retail or wholesale license:
    1. The area of the premises where you are going to set up shop should be 10 square meters
    2. The height of the premises should correspond to the National building Code 2005.
  2. In order to apply for both retail and wholesale license:
    1. The minimum area of the premises should be about 15 meters.
    2. The height of the premises should correspond to the national Building Code 2005.

Documents Required for AYUSH License

The documents required are the following:

  1. MOA and AOA of the company
  2. Address proof (Copy of the rent agreement) of the premises
  3. Photo ID proof of the proprietor/ Director/partner of the company.
  4. Details pertaining to the refrigerator
  5. Affidavit regarding the compliance of MPD 2021
  6. Qualification Proof
  7. Registration of Delhi Ayush Council.
  8. Appointment Letter and Bio data of the director of the company.  

These documents are required by both who seek the retail license or the wholesale license.

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