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Starting at just INR 99000/-, you can obtain ISP License for your categories

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ISP License

ISP License Fees

ISP License

INR 99,000 /-

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Internet Service Provider License

ISP or internet service providers need to obtain a specific license in order to conduct the operations. This license is divided in the 3 categories depending upon the regions in which the internet service can be provided. These categories are:

  1. ISP Category A License: This is meant for ISPs that want to provide internet service all over the country
  2. ISP Category B License: This is meant for ISPs that want to provide internet services in 20 territorial regions
  3. ISP Category C License: This is meant for ISPs that seek to provide internet service in any secondary switching area of Department of Telecommunication (DOT).

However, there is no category specific license, there is only a single unified license through which it can be stated in which category, and you are looking to provide internet services.

Now, obtaining this license is not a common affair, for it involves a fair amount of complications that can be an obstacle on the way.

Registrationwala can walk right beside through this process and provide assistance so that these obstacles are removed and you can obtain the license.

ISP License Governmental Fees


Entry Fee in Rupees


In Rupees


In Rupees

Application Process Fee in Rupees

ISP category A (National Area)

30 lakhs

2 Crores

10 lakhs


ISP category B (Telecom Circle/ Metro Area)

2 lakhs

10 lakhs

1 lakhs


ISP category c (Secondary Switching Area)





Documents Required for ISP License

  1. Two application forms for unified license in the prescribed format.
  2. Certificate Of Incorporation of the Company
  3. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company.
  4. Processing fee (Non refundable)
  5. Power of attorney by the resolution of the board of directors that authorizes the person singing the stamp paper
  6. Details of the directors/promoters/shareholders of the company
  7. Certificate of total equity detail.
  8. Foreign equity approval certificate by the government of India
  9. Address of the registered office
  10. Board resolution regarding statutory auditor appointment.

ISP Licensing Process

  1. Check eligibility of the license
  2. Choose the suitable license category
  3. File the Unified license application
  4. Document review by the department of telecommunication
  5. Obtain letter of Intent and submit the documents mentioned in the letter
  6. Get authorization.

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