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At just INR 84999/-, Registrationwala offers UL VNO License

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UL VNO License

UL VNO License in India

Internet’s demand has been the most these days. To cater these demands, there are several ISPs emerging. To provide such a service, normally you would require an ISP License. However, with more localized demands rising, there is another subset of ISP License that has garnered interest. It is called VNO License. VNO stands for Virtual Network Operator for ISPs that want to provide Internet services within a district or state, it is most cost-effective choice.

Why choose Vno?

ISP Licenses are long lasting, and they can arm with better provisions so that if and when you want, you can provide internet services to a wide region. But what if you are merely want to provide internet services within your district? What should you opt for then? While ISP License’s three categories provide a lot of flexibility to choose the area of license, it can be an expensive affair. To tackle the point of price and make the license more cost effective, UL VNo License exist.

  1. Its duration is of 10 years
  2. Bank guarantee is less
  3. Hardware requirements are less

Due to the above-mentioned benefits, to provide internet within a local region, we recommend choosing UL VNO License

Categories of VNO License

VNO License exist in the following three categories:

  1. Category A: Pan India category
  2. Category B: Valid in 20 major states
  3. Category C: Valid in a secondary switching area

Registrationwala is a team of business license experts that can provide you this license. Just contact our experts and we can proceed with VNO License procedure.

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